Yeah My Baby Testo

Testo Yeah My Baby

I've been a jiver all my lifeI've known the bright lightsAnd I've known strifeSince you've been goneI've been another manI've failed but LordI done the best I canYou give me troubleYou make me cryThat's how you keep yourself occupiedIf I hadn't loved you once upon a timeI'd be in prison for a capital crimeYeah My BabyYeah My BabyYeah My BabyDrivin'M e CrazyYeah My BabyYeah My BabyYeah My BabyDrivin' Me CrazyYou don't want moneyYou don't want a diamond ringYou don't cool out babeYou don't get a goddamn thingYou tell me you love meYou say every word is trueBut if I catch you lyingThe weight's gonna fall on youRepeat Chorus