Yayo Testo

Testo Yayo

(feat. Brisco, Billy Blue, Ball Greezy, Rick Ross, Red Eyezz, Bred, Pitbull, Ace Hood)

Hey, I coulda been born any place in the world when I turned a day old.
But a brother gotta pass it to the block that's known for more than legos.
Not a guap on the pay-roll,
But I got got got that play doh,
For the hot hot girls on the table,
See their lock locks wrapped in halos,
Good good money, hood money, that's where you could money, gotta M.I.Yayo
Full of green but it's not for the bagel,
Everything that I want to be labeled.
All the first 48 watch cable,
While they ride 28's unstable.
You don't want this up yo' nasal.
You ain't never been street, that's fatal.