I'm That Testo

Testo I'm That

What glorious light
wisdom without bound
wrapt in eternal solitary shade
The impenetrable gloom
of light intense
impervious inaccessible immense

And brought light to the gods and mortal man
my abstinence and renunciation left his heaven to me
you are a hero you are what is ten times more.

We're come from stars' cosmic nature
now we are destroying the future

A real man
everything is good
inspired by love and wine

The light which is in me
is now ablaze in me
I come from the first chosen

What joy to breathe the scent of open air
which die like the last rays of the sun
no mortal man has lifted my veil.

I'm neither Muslim nor Hindu
Non sono mussulmano nè induista
nor Christian nor Buddhist
nè cristiano nè buddista
I'm not for the hammer
non sono per il martello
neither for the sickle
nè per la falce
and even less for the tricolour flame
nè tanto meno per la fiamma tricolore
because I'm a musician
perchè sono un musicista