Like the first time Testo

Testo Like the first time

Frank Foks – Like the first time

(By Ichelle)



I never thought, I was hanging on

To this life for license, through this live for love

You're starring at the ground for all these years

And make my feel for it disappeared

But now I put my head up

And say hi to all the girl when I would never surrender


It's like the first time that I fell in love
But I felt so deep, she didn't want me anymore

But know I now about these feelings

They won't get me down no more no, They won't get me down

I could say to you, I've been a world all through

Cause you let me down my first love, you let me down

But I will never be able again, through the love inside

Now I grow and I don't realize


No more, they won't get me down