Live By, Die By Testo

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Testo Live By, Die By

(feat. Big Cheddar)

Im exposin the devil got him breathin hard like Dark Vader
Spiritual Ruth gator, screamin demons see ya later
Set it off like Jada, when it comes to my peeps
Rappin real to all you thugs actin bad in the streets
Hittin hustles I feel pain, goin off like I'm in this jail
Murder the whole world, for the love of the spinach
But only God can judge ya, we're all sinners in wicked ways
Tryin to make it threw the maze, in these end time days
I know that crime pays, and after, your pockets feelin swollen
The devil got me rollin, tryin to jack you of your soul and
He strikes when he's bowlin, or hit a 3 behind the line
He creep from behind and try to paralyze your mind
And at the same time God's watchin your every move
Ya playin the game of life, and the Bible must be the rules
Either you win or lose, its like fightin your own shadow
Life is like a game of chess, or soldiers win the battle

Im sick and tired of being sick and tired
And if I gotta ride, then I gotta ride, do or die
Im sick and tired fo being sick and tired
And if I gotta ride its live by or die by

[Big Cheddar]
See most of my dawgs, never graduated
We stayed intoxicated, but I aint knockin cause I made it
Now you can hide, or remince the memories
Then hide the pain, of the nightmares of the tragedies
They got the blacks, worldwide up in the penatentaries
The county's full from mistermeanor to felony
Wastin time behind ghetto fantasies
Where crack and dope dat close your eyes to reality
But every soldier gots responsiblities
To reach his destiny through the poverty
Now we don killed some brain cells from smokin them trees
But why we treatin eduaction like a fatal disease
Its time to come up in every ghetto and club
Better ride wit me, to make sure hell isnt his destiny


Look, I'm makin demons retire
Because we marchin wit the true Messiah
Renderin to God, but never feelin heat of eternal fire
Satan's a liar, tryin to keep me drugged and keep me higher
But Ima rider for Jehovah, I would never die ah
I read the Word, cause the Word gives me future knowledge
I graduated, now I'm goin off to spiritual college
Involves teachers and the class, who be glad to greet ya
But if you're sinnin and not repentin, He'll never meet ya
All men will perish for lack of knowledge and understandin
But not me, I'm sinkin demons like the great Titanic
Wit spiritual cannons, look to the skies and realize
That FTF is takin step on the uprise
No hesitation to lay a demon on his back
No hesitation to bust a spiritual gat
Ya heard me, Ima spiritual warden for the law
Protectin from those slangin crack on the boulavard
Though times hard, I'm still payin my tithes and offerings
When I die, I'll be in my spiritual coffin
Dags to heaven, got a ghetto that didnt even stop playin
Cause up in heaven God's people be straight parlayin