The Best I Can Testo

Testo The Best I Can

Another day I'd worked,
I was really irked.
Ioo many things to do:
I knew my job review
was going
to be pee yew!
When I saw the man,
he made a new demand.
It really hit the
He didn't understand;
I do the best I can!

So I formed a plan.
formed a rockin' band.
We'd go and tour the land.
We'd get a million
I'd earn a hundred grand.
We put our songs on line.
Thought we were
doing fine.
We saw the bottom line:
Sales were in the can.
We do the best we

There's one thing
in life I got right.
Makes me smile
when I get
home at night.

When it comes to us,
I didn't miss the bus.
Things have
gone my way
from the very day
when we first said, "Hey."
The world might
fall apart,
but inside my heart,
I've a simple plan:
I'm going to hold your
and do the best I can!