Bricks And Mansions Testo

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Testo Bricks And Mansions

Real street nigga
I'd done been shot
Went the school route (DP on the beat)
Been broke
Tryin to get rich, nigga, look

I'm feeling blessed, I hit 4 cities in the same week
I'm worldwide but lost my niggas on the same street
I never changed, I got some change but that ain't change me
Yeah I'm still the same me
Y'all know how that thing be (nigga)
The devil trying to bring me down, G Herbo I'm still standing
Gun in hand and I ain't going out til I buy mom's a mansion
Fucked up that check a thousand times shoulda bought moms a mansion
But I was young and I was dumb thank god for second chances
I know some niggas facing life without no second chances
Ain't too many second chances
Niggas better take advantage
And I woulda been signed a if I was trying to chase advances
I seen niggas with a million cash and watched that paper vanish
Only twenty things left, so I gotta make it manage
Send em to your front door, but you gotta pay for transit
Never sure however much to order, that's how much I handed
Keep it sharp, sloppy with the business stop your shit from landing
Use your heart
If you got that feelin homie ain't your mans then
Ain't no rules to the streets except for keep a cannon
And it's going down over east, I gotta keep a cannon
Take a piss, I eat with Cannon, ask my bitch, I sleep with cannon
M-O-N-Y after the E the only thing I cherish
Free my big bro Murder Manski, sleep tight my little sister Cherish
Blowing smoke thinkin bout my life and how I came from nothing
Not only how I came from nothing bitch I made it something
I gave my mom the whole deposit for her pain and suffering
I grew up seeing my momma struggling so I started hustling
Probably coulda stayed in school got a job or something
But by the time I turned 16 didn't ask my mom for nothing
OG was staying by the enemy I had to move out
Cuz anytime we see each other it's going to be a shootout
Soon as that check came through she had to get a new house
Now she fin to get a new house, let her see what two bout
Might stash them hundreds in the floor, call that one the blue house
We ain't in the hood no more nigga, take your shoes off
On Essex block baby, 78th, 24th, for Kobe we shoot 24, shells outside that 24
Niggas know I'm in the streets, know I don't got shit to prove
Big Bro told me leave the city, you got shit to lose
I don't reply to beef with tweets, street niggas gotta feel me
I'm in my hood with all my ice, who said they tryin to kill me?
Like 30 on my wrist, like 60 plus my neck, like 80 plus my L, 200 plus this tech
I keep them killas with me, they tryin to roll shit
I can't control shit, let off the whole clip