Remember (2019) Testo

Testo Remember (2019)

Yeah, mmh (Kid)
We don't even say, we don't even say RIP no more
We don't say no
Long live all my niggas gone, you know
Niggas never get lost to this shit
We was really out here in these streets, you know, for real
Livin' this shit I'm rappin' 'bout, you know, I'm just
Glad I'm livin', alive to rap about this shit now

'Member what it used to be like, I was seventeen
'Member what it used to be like, I was off the lean
'Member what it used to be like, all I had a dream
'Member what it used to be like, we ain't have a thing
But I turned into some shit that they all wanna be like
Ain't gon' never get like this 'cause you don't wanna be right
I make all the sacrifice so you live a better life
Somebody told me, "Leave your legacy while you still alive"

Somebody told me, "Leave your legacy while you still alive"
I wonder what it'd be like if G-Fazo was still alive
'Member when Kobe died, I drunk that shit raw out the bottle
We went to war for 'Raq, wonder if he was here, would he have a body?
We gon' fall out 'bout this rap shit, wonder what Slim would've felt about it?
Turned all the way up in this rap shit, but I wish Cap was right here beside me
Now a moment of silence (Now a moment of silence)
Way we grew up, all we knew was violence
2012, we was strapped, used to play with them bitches like violins
We didn't even get to make it back safe and we hearin' the sirens
We gon' headbutt with the opps, on the iPhones wildin'
Matter fact, fuck that, if you want smoke, we can dial in
Just on the low, we gon' pull a vino or a pile-in
And we ain't broke no more, l'll do ya, end up on an island
Tryna see my niggas get rich, though
Keep it on my hip, what it's hittin' for?
And we shootin' dice, what it's hittin' for?
Ten for a stack, what it's hittin' for?
Fuck a nigga bitch like a nympho
Been in the streets, what's the info?
Draco make 'em duck like limbo
Leave 'em stretched out, no limo
(Get money, stay a hundred my M.O.)
Know I'ma stay 150
Fifty on the chain, 150
You know this gang gang, 150
Foenem tote big ass fifties
They don't want no little ass glizzy
Better at least put thirty in it
I ain't gon' lie, this shit serious
These lil' niggas here 'bout they business
They in this shit tryna finish
I got real niggas doing sentences, they in that bitch tryna finish
I'ma help put on for my hood and the city while smoking OG in Givenchy
I was smelling like pot, so at school, I was seventeen, they gave a nigga detention
Went to school, had to dip to link link with the seventeen niggas we greetin' with tension
And big bro was ready to park by the school 'til I left, just in case he was itchin'
Free Gill, these niggas is snitchin'
Long live Playboy, niggas bitches
Free T Slick, I miss him
Free Lil Way, he innocent
No Limit Gang (Finna get the pendant did)
And still doing this shit independent, ya dig?
And I iced out these pointers big
Them bitches gon' only get bigger, ya dig?
But niggas gon' only get richer, ya dig?
My fans, they gotta pay for a picture, ya dig?
Just support a nigga, ya dig?
Y'all know I'm on a mission, kid
Gotta move on, I'll be on my way, I'ma miss you, kid
I gotta keep getting money, if you get in my way, hope you kissed your kid