Alone By Myself Testo

Testo Alone By Myself

I wouldnt be standing alone tonight (repeat 4x)

(verse 1)
a project kid with anger inside
look close you can see the pain in my eyes
how many years it was bottled up
i never could cry
9 years old praying
asking god why
but i never got a answer
so as i got older
i had a chip on my shoulder
cant count how many times i wish my life was over
dad and moms fighting over and over
growing up i seen it all
i came from the bottom
because of my skin color
everyone wanna doubt him
you couldnt walk in my shoes
or survive this far with everything i been thru
i gotta reason why i act this way
just take a minute and listen to what i have to say
i know i aint perfect and got some fucked up ways
looking in the mirror like damn i gotta change

i wouldnt be standing alone tonight (repeat 4x)

(verse 2)
i talked to doctors
they even try to write me prescriptions
but to tell you my life
who the fuck is you to listen
like you truly care
who the fuck is you kidding
i was only 14 locked up in the system
moms told me next stop is a grave or a prison
wish i can just start from the beginning
any day is a given with a anger condition
i just black out
and dont remember what i did
having thoughts of me slicing my wrist
feelin like the only one goin thru nights like this
and ever since my dad died
it only got harder
every time i get up
i just keep on fallin
happiness was something i aint never see often
before i see that i'll prolly see a coffin
anti social
speak when spoken too
you wouldnt understand what im goin thru

i wouldnt be standing alone tonight (repeat 4x)