Another Song Testo

Testo Another Song

I've been waiting for you for so long
How much longer 'till you forgive me
for what I've done to us
And please, baby, tell me I'm out of my mind
To still be in love, as the very first time I met you

I can't believe I'm writing you another song
Word`s you`ll never listen to
Oh, I must be wrong... you never loved me, did you?
And this another Love, does she loves you?
Does she make you happy as I used to do

I miss talking to you, I miss your eyes
Your arms, your embrace
I miss your smile, Your lips, I miss your taste
I even miss your impatience, and how you're getting bold
I miss so many things I loved But never told you
I miss you every way, I miss you every day
I will miss you always