Baby, Good-bye Testo

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Testo Baby, Good-bye

It's too late to be sentimental, you see
Already said good-bye I probably should have stuck to my guns then
Now you're refreshing my memory, reminding me of all those times
I cried, so I'll tell you what's running right now through my mind

All the things that I'd bake, they weren't what Mama would make
You're still living with her, but steady losing your hair in my sink
Talked about us one day getting married, it's a good thing that we never did
You'll always be too young to have kids
That's why she's leaving
Baby, good-bye
Baby, so long, good-bye

I loved you so much, stayed awake by the phone on the couch
Back in those days I used to think you possibly could be the one
I was a bit masochistic, took second to video games
And chicks in the chatrooms with all of those dumb user names

But shall I tell the rest? Stood still even when you confessed
Since you were just a kid you had a crush on a cousin named Bess
Your dreams straight from Psych 101 textbooks
I'll admit that it gave me the creeps
But those issues I thought would dissolve with me


Shame on me, thinking I could repair you
For ignoring those angels of dread
For believing a version I made up of you in my head

Now it's too late to be so sentimental with me
I should have stood my ground back then, the first time that I called it quits
I guess this time I came back out of pity
Not the way for us two to re-start
How strange now you're the one with the broken heart