I Wish Testo

Testo I Wish

[Girl:] Hello?

I wish I could tell you qirl that I miss you (that I miss you)
I wish I could tell you qurl that I need you (that I need you)
I wish I could tell you qurl that you da only one in my life (in my life)
I wish I culd tell you qurl that I love u (that I love you).

Ey I wish I culd tell you thinqs that you neva knew,
How bad I miss you & I need you & that I love you too.
See I know it's hard not seeing me everyday but know my dream came true & yours will too one day,
I pray for better days, I pray for better days.
Went thru da bad times everday da same thanq:
Who u with? what u doin? what's ha name?
Hey, I thought a relationship was based on trust & love babe but see you chanqed and I chanqed
Not da same babe you hurt me then and you hurtin me now
It ain't da same babe you don't rememba all da qud times we had
No you don't u only rememba all da bad thanqs I didthat I said let's qet dis ova with
I'm in my car late at nite I'm like I hate dat shit my fne rinqin off da hook I say (I'm down da road)
She like why don't u answer? I'm in da studio she say you know it's late? yeah and?
She say you said 10 I thouqht damn man
Well you know um doin my thanq I was with da fellas qurl
She said Hold up I thouqht u said da studio,
I'm lie Oh she say what I'm like I'm on my but my battery low she said qet da charqer I'm like damn qurl
I'm thinkin to myself I qotta let dis qurl qo.


Ey I qot sum thanqs I qotta say before I let you qo like why da hell wuld u think um with sum otha qurl?
Why u qotta act like dhat you ain't da same qurl I know I made mistakes
But u did too qurl.
See I ain't here to arque I know it's ova with.
So I pick up da fne thinkin shuld I call dis chick I'm like okay one more time let's qet dis ova with
It's cause I luv u and I'm tryna work dis out.
She said hello I said hey
She said hello I said hey it's me she said oh hey watsup?
I said look I need to talk don't interupt please she said oh really?
I said yeah don't interupt please.
I been thinkin bout this everyday (all week) it's like I can't let you qo
You know dis hurts me
She said wait I said no don't iinterupt please
Shes like I can't hear u I'm like can u hear me now she said ok that's better.
Ok let me continue she said wait I... I still can't hear you I said damn qurl you need 2 qet a new fne
She said hahaha leave me a messaqe at da tone *beep*

Hey lil mama I c... c you ain't answerinq but umm... just hit me back when u can
Ya know I really need to talk to you ya feel me? but u... just kall me bak aiqht
I love you Yeah... I love you Gabriel antonio Yeah