Mantrap Testo

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Testo Mantrap

They're always stealing off the land
The Earl has to make his final stand
Build a device to catch them all
I don't give a damn if they say they're poop
If you get caught there's no going back
It's a man trap
The jaws of his baby tightly snap
It's a man trap
He's old and mean and he hates the world
He's wicked as sin, his mind is narled
He's got plenty but he doesn't share
And to ask for help they wouldn't dare
A wall heath man with wife to keep
Did his duty and stole a sheep
Refused to grovel he refused to beg
Stepped on the trigger and lost his leg
Deported abroad and is long since dead
The gamekeeper's found without his head
His body was torn like tissue paper
a hidden peg-leg found years later