Between Aspirations Testo

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Testo Between Aspirations

My self effacing charity and gluttonous prosperity
Don't move mountains of misery or stone
My never-ending loyalty to hypocritical royalty
Has cut my sense of belonging to the bone
You ask me what I want to be, I become the sum of all I see
And grow old in confusion and disgrace
The recognition of my sins, the erosion of my discipline
Won't someone come and put me in my place?
Come and see what I've become
Tied down to no one
And stuck between aspirations
Now I'm thankful for my sovereignty, I know it rests on poverty
And sometimes I would rather crawl than fight
I know I've gone nowhere fast by walking down the narrow path
And I cringe at battle I fought out of spite
There was a time, there was a place where everybody knew my face
And everything I touched would turn to gold
But now I've come to realize that to see through all their fucking lies
Is to refuse to be bought or sold