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Testo Pussy Summit Meeting

[Whore #1:] Hi girls, how's business?
[Whore #2:] Oh, picking up.
[Whore #1:] You girls got time for a quick cup of coffee? I could use a break, my feet are killing me.
[Whore #3:] Jesus, we'd like to, but we got a client. Should be here any time now.
[Whore #2:] Sounds like a live one, he wants 10 of us. Big spender too, and there's 100 bucks a piece in it for us.
[Whore #1:] 100? Sounds like a long night for you two. I'd be careful if I where you though, could be a weird-o, you know?
[Guy:] Excuse me, ladies, my name's Michael Todd and I represent The Jabbers. I believe we've got a little business arrangement, would you walk this way please?