Las Vegas Testo

Testo Las Vegas

Count up my money
It's in the pocket of my coat
We passed a motel a mile or so back
We've both been yelling
We're tired and we're angry
Now it's started raining on us both

I heard you say you're homesick for Nashville
I heard you say you miss your folks in Escanaba
I want to hear your ideas on direction

Call up your father
If you think you want to go home
I'll take you there if you say so
But I can remember
When we bought this automobile
From a used up junky
In the southern hills


I want to know what I did so wrong in Vegas
I obeyed every word you said
My ears must have been so tightly covered
To miss every grateful word you said
To miss every grateful word you said
To miss every grateful word you said

Two nights short of a good night's sleep
So twenty miles later we're searching
For anything when you pull me over
To the side of the road
You sit there, you shut up
I look for my magazine
You begin reading while I'm scared to speak
Unable to bed I go to the street
Well this storm's hurt my feelings
And I'm made to feel stupid
And I come back coughing
Lord and I come back