In My Younger Days Testo

Testo In My Younger Days

In my younger days, I almost lost my mind In the summer of my days, swallowed anything I?d find If I knew then what I know now, I would have left it all behind Lord, I drank myself to sleep, and you know I woke up cryin? I drugged myself to sleep, how I used to wake up cryin? Only one thing that I?m sure of? only grace kept me from dyin? In my younger days People looked at me like I was in my prime Didn?t know fact from fiction, not a dollar from a dime In my younger days In my younger days Like a bolt of lightnin? through my windowpane I saw the writin? on my wall, and there I saw my name In my younger days, I finally hit the ground I saw the door to paradise, and how I cried out loud In my younger days In my younger days I met love?and it moved me Gone from lost to bein? found