Lady, You're Scaring Us Testo

Testo Lady, You're Scaring Us

I'll take the wheel in an exit or two
The Florida coastline looks better than it ever used to,
And I wonder
How much this van will take while on the road
It gets older every day, and we do too
But who's to say when things will finally fall right into place
I don't know
So here lies a question only we can answer,
Will we make it through?
The long drives and humid nights
Breaking down in ghost towns along the turnpike
There we are... The fog is on the ground
And there is no one out for miles
Yeah.. Its a shame to be home again
Because I left my heart and soul two hundred miles away
Why don't they see that this is our lives?
There are no boundaries and no time to pass us by
The Message was written and soaked in our bones
This hole in our pocket is all that we know
In a van that fits seven
Its all we need to get by