Sally Testo

Testo Sally

Sally was a fifteen year old girl from Nebraska
Gypsies were passing through her little town
They dropped something on the road , she picked it up...
And cultural revolution right away begun!
Yes right away begun!
They always were afraid that I was schizophrenic...
They always were afraid schto ja rodinu prodam
a po pravde ja bil prosto malenkij medvedik
spizdil vsjo u vseh i vsjo nahuj proebal...
From all the tables of contents that Mother Earth provides
I'd like to be a big fat fucking fly
The one that spins around your head all day and all night
and sound of it is just like a what?...
...but by the accident of some kind divine dispensation
I ended up being walking U*nited Nation
And I survive even fucking radiation
A big fat fucking what?
And I would visit you a lot