Digital Testo

Testo Digital

(feat. KRS-One)

Dont erase what I did, dont erease the beginning!

[from BDPs Live Hardcore World Wide:]
(Were gonna let you know whats live and direct
so you can go back and tell your crew:
Yo, I heard the new, new, new shit. You aint even down
This is what time of day. Nobody brought a taperecorder.)
Youre not ready for this.
Uh-huh. You see, my name is KRS-One G
And um, see, when I be coming through, for the U.K.-crew
me and Goldie sssh, you know how we do
Only the true hip-hop-heads know what time it is with this
Now, if youre with me.

Ill lead through and dominate this microphone I speak through
Im writing for the people, bite it if you need to
I can see through and see that, you saw an MC and tried to be that
That MC you saw was me can you believe that? And obey that?
True lyrics will always subvice and meaning rhymes equal actual life
Its the true essence in ebony, trace your record-sales G
Somethings are pure luck, other things are meant to be
I bet theyll mention me, in the next century:
KRS-One, innovator in early rap-poetry
Simultaniously you will be forgotten
While in the year 2000 Criminal Minded will still be rocking
You waste your time batteling me I got mine happening, see?
You should have thought G, a little bit sooner
Instead of batteling me you need your plan your long heavity
Before you die broke like Sammy Davis junior
The solar, followed by the looter, followed by the solar
Followed by McDonalds and Coca-Cola
The point is whatever the outcome of the battle
The day goes on with more french fries and soda
One, two and you dont quit, Goldie has got to be the real sure shit
One, two and you dont quit, KRS-One and yes we do it like this

Buckle up your seatbelt we about to get busy
Lyrics get thrown like a frisbee, who is he?
The K, you gets dizzy all for the roots like Kizzy
and Kunta-Kinte in your city
Ask for Sensei not million more like teacher
Now youre familiar let me fill ya
Its like a jungle sometimes, it makes me rhyme
As were climbing up the speed, were finding what we need in the jungle
MCs stumble over their words and mumble over their verbs
Suddenly it occured: KRS-One, word!

KRS-One, come back in digital, digital, digital, digital [x2]

I gotta get buckwild, I gotta get buckwild
I gotta get buckwild, coming through with that freestyle [x2]

You can run with this, on the junglelist
Only KRS-One can do it like this
Forever, and ever a decade embedder
Whatever, how ever, rough to the leather
Let me shedder flame as I go offstage and blow up game
In the jungle I spot the L. like U.N.C.L.E. when I cast dont fumble
Kris and Goldie drum n bass only no one can hold me
U.K. drum n bass all in your face
Got to represent U.K. up in this place
Representing like the internet
All the way from New York City down to your motherfucking set
KRS-One, you know how we do, son
Coming through on that breakdance, one (one)
Two (two), three (three), you know how we be
Breakdancing back in nineteen-eighty-three
Take the mill with a savoir-faire, man, when you stop and stare
The style is rare, no, you cant compare keep your eye right here
You can buy that there, or buy this right here
But guaranteed this will have your mind like Yeah!
Stumble, fumble, crumble Kris kicks these lyrics in the jungle
Making all these rappers mumble
Bass n drum to this all under this I got a bundle of this
For the junglelists, jump to this
Kris from that Bronx, New York
You best a-walk or get bucked like a pork
Rewind, stop whining Im rhyming, timing is binding
But youre still finding, youll wait through what I say the number one DJ
On the microphone minds get blown
KRS-One again? Yes this shits sown
Like a microphone thats chrome all alone in your home
Definitely straight to your dome

KRS-One, come back in digital, digital, digital, digital
KRS-One [x2]

Ah, check it out now, check it out now, check it out now
As we take you back to nineteen-seventy-nine
KRS-One going back in time
Now, you throw your hands high in the sky-y-y
Hahaha [laughter]