Dance On Me Testo

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Testo Dance On Me

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Dance on me, dance on me
Bring it back baby, just dance on me
Brought your heels to the party
Ain't here to hurt nobody
I'm a old soul and I rock gold
And I got scooped in the 'rari
But I'm a bad boy and you know
There's no boyfriends allowed to the party
Dick game vicious, demolition nigga with the bitches
Fake fat ass with extensions
God damn pimpin', any other nigga wanna hit this
He goin' have to pay for them titty tig ole' bitties
Yes Lord, can a young nigga hit that hoe?
Can a young nigga do somethin' better
But instead of always trappin' just to get that dough
Shit, it's cool, and you so fine
You so fine I eat behind, between those legs
In those jeans, take those off, now watch you spread
You so special and so pink, slightly hairy and don't stink
Lord I thank you for this good food that I'm happy to receive
She got that

You know I want you baby doll
Ain't no one else above you baby, I know
I swear, I swear
Baby I need ya, I want ya
Baby I need ya, and I want ya
Baby I got it, come get it
Baby I got it, come get it
Baby I got it, come get it
Baby I got it, come get it

Mane, fuck wit' a nigga like me and shit
I'd make nigga bow on his knees and shit
While I please his bitch, while I cock the 5th
And I take her ass out, go to Saks and Fifth
And I hit my lil nigga, so I get it for the low
And my youngest lil nigga, gettin' back up in the hole
Back to gettin' money and bein' an asshole
Thinkin' silly motherfuckas' ain't goin' pay me for my dough
Mane fuck that shit
Rush that nigga, while I rush that bitch too
I don't give a fuck about you
But I do what I see and I do wanna feel what that mouth do
I'm a crazy nigga, I'ma certified like pay me nigga
I neva' hesitate to straight pump fake
And I might go and just taze me a nigga
Okay my nigga? So pay me nigga