Questions & Answers Testo

Testo Questions & Answers

My questions, your answers
The unfair balance of power
The law in, the hands of the corrupt
And how do I really make a difference?

Watch your mouth, I'll kick you out
A clear lack of interest
Your questions, my answer is
'I need you like I need cancer'
My questions, my answers
Education, a silver spoon
Daddy paid for everything
And I've got more talent than you could ever dream of

It's a sorry state of affairs
When you're led by an eagle
I'll be your best friend if you give me the protection that's needed
I grin from cheek to cheek and lets avoid the real issues
Hire me a bus, you drive me around
I'll kiss our babies head for the cameras
And do you think the grass will stay green?
And ice won't melt if we all close our mouths.