The Coff Testo

Testo The Coff

Yeah, its that motherfucker GP again nigga
And i'm back, lettin these niggas know
how a nigga was doin it when he was federal
I'm fuckin with my nigga Hollis again, yeah fresh out the pen
And i'm lettin em know, in the year 2001, it's on

[Chorus x2]
G-P, nothin soft, known to break em off
And i'll blast em, in the neck, for respect and make em cough
Bitch ass motherfuckin niggas
Coughin up the blood and now they figure

[Verse 1]
It's the N-O-T-O-R, O-U-G
And i'll blast that ass
With the shank, don't need no uzi
Tryin to do me, a true G
But i'm not Jimmy Walker
With the blade, I get to be played
I'll leave your bitch ass coughin
Up the blood
You fuckin with a blood
Fresh out the pen
But it went back on my violation
Had to blast that nigga again
Cos these bitch ass niggas can't fade me
Cos I push that steel like i'm crazy
Tryin to play me
For the weed and the keys and the jeep
I'll go nuts
Gotta cut your punk ass open
Cos I gotta deal with them guts
Got me, blood, so tough
Fuckin with a killa nigga from the Heights
With a professional killa, nigga
Who quick with that knife
But on the street
I pack that heat, yes i'm G-P
An O-G
But the DPA got killa niggas tryin to see me
And bleed me
For some shit I did 10 years ago
I got niggas tryin to see me now
Back then I was 10 years old

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Fools hearts is pumpin
Cos my pump is pumpin
And they scared of me
They say, I kill for the thrill
Got your bitch ass scared to breath
Scared to leave, your house
Cos you think I might be out
I'm the one they talkin bout
I'm the one who still got the clout
Tryin to duck a G
But you stuck with me
Tryin to fuck with me
Try your luck with me
Never again my friend
You'll be lucky to breath
I'm on a mission
Reminicing on my enemies
Fate to be
For the niggas I smoke
Pourin out that henessy
It's me
Remember me
Way back in 88
When niggas was coppin dubs
I'm the nigga coppin cakes
Bumper to bumper
But you stuggle
And I might aswell let them know
I'm the freshest nigga from the hood
Cos i'm federal
They hated me
Degraded me
Till I came back home
For my target nigga, what
Straight back to the dome
You fuckin with a thug
Then you might get drugged
In a puddle of blood
When I roll away
Blown away
Till I rolled i'll get that bud

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, bitch ass niggas
Yeah, i'm just lettin these motherfuckers know, nigga, I went federal
Nigga I was pushin that motherfuckin steel up in motherfuckers neck
For this motherfuckin respect
Yeah, you know, Chi-Town be the city nigga, 9-1 sickness
Pour the motherfuckin hen, represent to the fullest