Black On Black Crime Testo

Testo Black On Black Crime

[Pop The Brown Hornet] I'm not sure no more, constant war What's it all for Everybody out here poor Niggas cuttin throat, got crackheads sellin soap Little shorties down the block pushin dope and coke Try and make it out the ghetto, where you gon run to Overseer got you exactly where he want you In the projects doin fucked up things Like sellin crack, it's like my whole family's fiends If it ain't one thing it's bound to be another Peace to all the three time felons, word to mother Niggas gettin hit with outrageous bids While the next man's in the world raisin your kids Now what you gon do, it's all up to you Be your own man or run behind your crew If you get bagged don't expect no help In the street life erybody roll for delf Chorus: (2x) Black on black crime, you know it got to stop It's time that my peeps we start reachin for the top The only way we gonna get there is together Let's start the revolution, you know I'm for whatever If I had one wish, every black man would be rich Own they own property, have they tailor-made bitch Live peacefully in luxury, comfortably Every memory would be a buttermilk fantasy We'd enjoy the great outdoor, muthafuck war Everyday lived would be like a paid rapper on tour Without the problems, we don't really need em Every wiz would be a dime, every nigga would be handsome The only drug would be jaw weed With a little bombazee, that's all a black man need Money would be somethin that we burned in the fire While lampin in Alaska with your midnight desire Sippin on daiquiri, happily enjoyin the scenery Snow fall natural like a girl's virginity Erytime be like the first time Somethin like the last time, remindin you of your pasttime When things probably wasn't that great Robbin niggas for weights, spent your childhood upstate Couldn't escape the gun slingin, flower bringin Under the buildin callin yourself kingpinin Chorus (2x)