Get Down Testo

Testo Get Down

Dip and galong
Skip and salop
Party being sick
Dip galom salome
Every man in the world light up

So we just dip
Dalong Salop
Every man in the world light up

Get up salome and watch me
They want their sushi
Move and try look bushy
...just cut me
Me and big booty
They sweet like tutti fruity
Lick your dance like cherry
Angel, L.A.Y and screechy

... market pressure
Body freeze...
...easy pick her up

Cos there is some girl get envy
Eminem try mess up your party?
Love all you want and if you beat me
There is only you competing


So me I chill in the VIP suite
See buddy they paying my ??
Everything, cos everything ??
The dancefloor is where we will meet

All over the...
Pop style when I preach

Why is me smelly? Cos of my feet
...leaping at me...
Then when I ..., then when I freak

Find my c-rotch on to my teeth
... be the elite nice and sweet