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Strophe I:

Last night in Chicago, last week in New York,
last christmas between near and far...
If I search for one thing that I really can't find,
the answer must be in my heart.
I count every second since you went away,
lost one million faces at all,
but the world turns around while the time's passin' by,
let everything live and let die...

Strophe II:

I wish one day in my heart,
there is more than pleasure and pain...
I'm with you when sleep comes, I find you in dreams,
imagine that you call my name.
Where are you where have you been so long ago,
that my heart remember it all?
Why this life must be so hard with you in my mind?
please leave my head leave me alone!


I want you to come back and carry me home,
through thunderstorm lightning and fears.
So I walk though the world and see your face again,
I wish that one day you'll be there...

You'll be there... I wish that one day you'll be there
You'll be there... How I wish that one day you'll be there
You'll be there......