Cockateels Testo

Testo Cockateels

When the train comes to stop, oh, I don't wanna move
And wonder back into it all
When the plane comes to land I wanna stay inside
Rise up to the clouds again

Cos dealin with the real world
Is sometimes not too fun
When baby says she loves you whilst holding up a gun
Thank goodness I've got imaginary creatures, they don't need advice
By my side, by my side

When the film credits roll I stay right til the end
Then wander streets with my eyes ablaze
All I really want to do is go straight back and watch again
Play a different person everytime

Cos living in the real world
Can sometimes get so strange
When you fall in love with statues
And cockateels in a cage
Well it seems i've got imaginary lovers they say they're protecting the space
By my side, by my side

By my side