Beloved Wife Of Man Testo

Testo Beloved Wife Of Man

Hear my words now flower from the garden.
Hear the truth of your winsome husband.

How he died, by my hand.
The Prophet spoke to me
through the ashes of the bones.
I break into a cold sweat.
From the fire spoken golden ones.

We used to fight together
my sword shield' his life.
He saved me thousand times,
In the battles.
But I was possessed by his wife.

One night, on a foreing land
he sleept near by my bed
I put my conscience to silence
I drow my knife, and stabed his neck
He's solid dead, in coffin bed
far away in monastery

Svjati Boze [6x]

Your oath belongs to me my dearest.
My wedded wife.
Unfortunately I am not with you now, on your rugged/raged path.
Woman, beyond the grave I see the tormented pain of your heart.
But please complay with his words
and kill the bastard wile he is a sleep.
Lett him be coursed!

Beloved wife of man
defenseless creature
the vengeance will be full
from the fire spoken golden ones.

The wedlock hymn was bitter
She obey the words.
She was his humble servant
To fulfill the husband's curse.

One night, on the bed of down
she's barely sleep near by the vile
She put her conscience to silence
She drow the knife, and stabed his neck
He's solid dead, in coffin bed
He's solid dead, in sinful bed.