War Inside Testo

Testo War Inside

No don't you die
if you wake up i'll be pleased
i'll live in your memory
you wanted all the best for me...

open your eyes
here is what i thought
needing help just to feel free
needing help just to be me...
how do you feel
when you're close to me
how do you feel
shine on me...

and you come to me
you come to me

all those flowers for me
all those swallows flying free
all the time we spent growing older
all the time we spent...

how do you feel
when i'm cold as ice how do you feel
when i'm cold

let me go
let me walk with my
walk with my
walk with my shoes
let me dream
there's a war inside (war inside)
there's a war inside
war inside me

help me 'cause i don't know what i want
help me let me fell free...
help me to find my way that's what i want
i just wanna be free