Several Parts Testo

Testo Several Parts

the day simon came to town - he was riding a white pony - stetson deep in his face - and the straitjacket wrapped loose around his hips - people where staring at him - this town was too small not to know him - although no one saw for fifteen years - in front of the saloon he stopped - turned at the gathering crowd - a water-pump-gun in his left one and yelled - see me standing here - I am simon b. - what a piece of meat - still tranquilized - but filled with kerosene - and the rage of years - not a trace of guilt I feel these days - i?m here while i?m inside out - now look at the ape you made of me - i?m here and i?m an angry loon - i?m here - mentally deficient man escaped the mental home - police needs any information or help from the rural population to get him back in custody - he is one meter eighty tall - and has last been seen wearing a cowboy costum - he might be confused and helpless - there is no danger for anybody -he is harmless and nonviolent - no one can see me - when I close my eyes - no one can touch me - because i?m never frightened -your disgust moves me - now i?m burning - you?re just another fucking club I couldn?t join - you suck - and I don?t need to - you suck - your beautiful and rich - therefore i?m here to kill you - you suck your own blood - i?m out - i?m out - i?m out - laughter -