M.O.E. Testo

Testo M.O.E.

So they go as ...
I don't know about you, but they call
Fuck that shit I don't know what about
I don't worry about that shit, fuck that
Man I don't worry about that shit girl
It doesn't go for this whores
Cut down, ...
Think you didn't fallow
Don't worry about it
What's up now nigga
Ooh shit
Fuck dog, are you straight
Are you straight
Fuck bro, they wanna play it like that
Thay wanna play it like that
I swer nigga, I'mma going for 'em
Alright hold up dog
What you do,
Bro they saw ...bro
They got me ..
Bro we ain't second bro
I just came here for a second
Come on, come get us bro
Don't come back right now
I'm right here, right here
We're all here
I'm right here bro
I see, I see
Come on