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Testo We're Comin

(feat. Brett)

Y'all thought we was jokin', huh?
Beat is bomp
That's right, yeah
That beat is bomp, bomp bomp
Bomp bomp, yeah, uh huh
It's the G, yo
Uh huh

Aye yo, everybody
Can I have your attention
I got something to say
Y'all lame-ass small-change cats
Hunt's y'all like prey
Bring it to ya raw, no-cut, flow nuts like cashews
And yo' comments, keep 'em to yourself
Nobody asked you
If I had to I'd throw something hot at you
That'll leave you cold
C'mon dog, that ain't platinum
You dipped it in white gold
Come between anything that I love
Surely you stop breathin'
And y'all thought God was out the game
But sorry, you're not leavin'
You won't believe me until you see my name
In a star, carved in pavement
Y'all think this hard, well wait 'till I go up in the basement
I'mma tell you this once, fuck saying it twice
I inhale cold, exhale blowin', turn it to ice
Your time short, honestly I'm tired of hearing y'all frontin'
Guy-2K featuring Brett watch out, we're comin'

[Teddy] Yeah yeah yeah, uh huh

[1: Guy]
We got it locked
And we got the beats that'll rock, you're not
You better be careful not to blow your spot
And you better work hard, it's gonna take alot
Cuz we comin'

We're from the streets, from the heart of the wood
Straight to the beach, talk shit
Nigga better watch your speech
Or get yo' ass blown straight off your feet
Cuz we're comin'

We're comin'
Competition is not, all you wanna-be cats get to runnin'
Nigga I'm slick wit it pouring shit hot one drop
And blow your spot
Do you think you can beat me
You counterfeit, and you can't handle the way
Now you wanna drop a remix, it's a little too late
Try'na cop my style, it won't work, stupid nigga
Put down the mic before you get your shit bent up

[Repeat 1]

We're back on top, you better run for cover
Cuz we can't be stopped
Keep poppin' shit money, it just might get dropped
Cuz you didn't know we got that shit on lock
Keep on, nigga we comin'

So don't think shit sweet
I'm bout to drop another million by the end of the week
Ya can't stop it, might as well run and cop it
You bitch ass niggas can't flock it, we...

[Repeat 1]

It was y'all who thought this shit was a joke
I wasn't lying