Q & A Testo

Testo Q & A

if you got news you better break it I'm growin' up so tell me fast this is my life it's my conviction I'm the pain deep in your ass where are your skeletons in closets where is my part? where is my share where are the faces of tomorrow where's the time you really cared? hey - hey - hey could be I was blinded by the light could be I was swallowin' my pride I felt like a dog without a bone I felt like a king without a throne but I knew I'd be comin' back puttin' up the fight and whisper in your ear that I'm alive I'm alive where are the friends you used to play with when you were little some did it wrong, some did it right some lost their nerve some lost their future one bought a gun and shot his wife no wonder you feel like a hasbeen no wonder you no longer strive for the good life where's the hope in your confusion really close but no cigar so you need to brag about the future man have I got some questions for you hey - hey - hey need some answers too hey - hey - hey