Challenger Pt.2 Testo

Testo Challenger Pt.2

Enter left those who have the nerve to play as God
Oh baby were going for a long ride now
Let's turn out the shadows
And show them what we're about
I've got some lines for you to hear

Hear them from the bottom of my heart

Is this what real men are made of?
Shifty eyes, crooked spines, and lies

It's so easy to know the right from wrong

Now run

Run before someone sees what you are
Run before you see for yourself

The selfish receive their own...

I've got smiles for miles and only I can play
Cause in this world its do or die
Lady you'll love the way I am
Cause lady I'll make you mine

You may be the king of this town
But you have got the world to prove to me

From the moment you walked through the door
I knew I've seen you before
And your face looked oh so much different
But the fear was all the same

Judge me, hate me, love me, what is it going to be?