Back Seat (With No Sheets) Testo

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Testo Back Seat (With No Sheets)

G.I, Shazam, Hey yo my boy Dino oh yeah ha-ha I'm Stick baby and I got yo back yeah H-Town beatin' down yo door for the 9-4 and this one is definetly for the ladies Check It
While I got you ridin' in my 6-4 with your body lay to the door while your legs catchin' sun from the window girl you know I'm bout ready to go n'I say you lookin' at cha pink top while I ride straight by the bus stop every girl wanna be in your spot damn it's a good day
And I go to park and I stop put the breaks on shhh just don't talk baby (come alittle closer to me) while we sitin' in the back seat (oh baby cause I know and you know I want your body in the back seat wit no sheets)
Do your body in the back seat Why? (hell cause it's sexy so sexy Baby don't you know its sexy) [reapeat]
[Verse 2:]
I'm gonna ride let the fellas see what I've got all the fellas ridin' my jock cause I've got the dopest girl on the block she is so fine she is so dope got body like fame got Bob Hope.... all I wanna is just ride slip in the back seat with no sheets
And I go to the park turn yeah the radio up loud (while I knock them boots out)kickin' in so H-Town now you know what's goin' down yeah I want you in the back seat wit no sheets
Bridge' In the back to the North Side In the back to the East Side in the back to the West Side and I can't forget about the South Side
[Chorus till Fade]