A Tale Of Fate (Folksvang Awaits) Testo

Testo A Tale Of Fate (Folksvang Awaits)

They met on a hill one late autumn eve oh, noble and graceful both stood with eyes so intense, their passion so fierce the wildest flame burnin ginside He was the son of a powerful Viking Jarl she was a child blessed by Freya in all her ways Silently they watched the endless sea and time came to say farewell "The ships are leaving tomorrow morning Far away to foreign lands The battlefields call, my fathers to follow proving that I am a man With honour in my breast I will win my battles My love to you will give me my strength to live and when I return all souls will know that you are my true wife to be" Joy in her heart, she summoned the Norns to see what their marriage will bring but the Norns only shook sadly their heads their future, oh they had seen… ‘sometimes my child, fate cannot be kind’ these words; she tumbled down screaming and weeping she called upon elves, begged Freya and Odin "No, don’t take my dear from me" But Orlog had spoken their destiny oh no use all the spellcraft she tried one dawn in her dream she saw him falling the blade of a sword in his side he fell to his knees, his dying eyes searching her breathing his last breath as he cried out her name loud that dreadful morning she awoke and she knew that he had died The day came when the ship returned the body of her loved one bore she sat down beside him, a last pained look at his young body once more than she pierced her heart with her dagger of iron her dying body onto his chest fell they are now united in Asgard high for all eternity