The Home That I Will Never See Testo

Testo The Home That I Will Never See

Vast forests with evergreen trees Foggy hills the eye can see The wind sweeps through a valley That lies by the deep blue see A village from another time Awakens with the misty dawn This is my home my mind shows me The home that I will never see Small houses, carved in dragonheads and runse The smell of tar and burning wood Men and women breathe their souls to their craft Some dancing to the lyre’s tunes A young man wraps his arms round me One dancing flame we came to be The only vows I chose to know This is the place I call my home Oh, the vision tortures me I will never really see I will never smell its smell Nor touch the face of my loved one My village by the deep blue sea Today an ugly factory Oh, why has it become my fate? That I am here one thousand years too late