Where The Lonely Souls Go Testo

Testo Where The Lonely Souls Go

Won’t you come inside? Rest a while, you must be tired It has been a long way But it’s not far before you reach your goal The end of this road Another step to the new dimension Before you travel on Let me hear your story Where do you come from, tell me of your early days Tell me of gladness, sorrows, was your winter long and cold? How did you let go? Tell me and I will listen all night At dawn I will wish you well When you go where the lonely souls go It seems so long ago The memory of years long gone One day I’ll be there At the crossroad where time has no name Will I pass on or will I return? Will you meet me When I go where the lonely souls go? And the man in a blue cloak Smiles at me, he speaks to me But I cannot hear for his words fade with the dream The answers I seek, I will, I will never know Will you show me? Won’t you tell me where the lonely souls go? And you out there, lost ones, hiding within a crowd Searching for the other soul that you once left behind You will also stand here at the end of the road, the crossing point And alone you will go… Where the lonely souls go