World Comes Undone Testo

Testo World Comes Undone

You're drawn to conflict
And destined to fade
Grasping insignificance
The deal is made
Leave the world hanging
Wait for the sun to rise
Or is the sun setting
On your lack of compromise?

Face your desolation
Sing your revelation

Once you were heaven sent but I see what you've become
Now watch in terror as your world comes undone
Slave to your master like a drug you can't resist
You invite disaster and your world comes undone

You dream of power
Over minds and men
You invite the fracture
Like a moth to the flame again
Spewing out your failure
Trapped in your maze again
Sing your revelation
Scream it out from within

Waiting on the sun to chase away the night
Searching but afraid to see what's in the light
Your mind is not your own
Controlled by those you know
Like a puppet on a string
Or is it a noose from which you swing?

Face your desolation
Sing your revelation