Five Points Testo

Testo Five Points

A year alone: mistook the forest for the trees and a house for a home.
A wandering mind swept out the romance from under my feet.
Don't leave behind comfort and knowledge for clouded minds,
My soul's an olive tree and I'll be gnarled and twisted for centuries.
Is this my nature?
Have I a greater cause outside these senses and laws?
Barbed wire fences and all, you've staked me to five points.
My choice to break still remains.
We humbled ourselves in scenic sanctuaries and took our place in the cliff-rock face
to let god lay waste to whatever he may.
But we failed to see he's you and me, that corner of our brain we've yet to name.
Don't make it a big deal, these things will reveal themselves.
Don't fall to your knees, nobody's watching you in your sleep.