Architect Of My Demise Testo

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Testo Architect Of My Demise

Inside This Room, The Changes Are So Subtle
The Fire Is Fading Fast From The Lack Of Oxygen
The Air You Breathe Leaves Drastic Consequences
I'm Suffocating But You Still Refuse To Notice Me
All I Have Is Gone
Burned To Ashes By A Dream
I'd Steal The Sun And Stars
And Set My Heart Aflame
To Light The Sky For You
You Built A City On My Ruins, Just To Watch It Burn And See If I Could Escape

Now Take These Words And Empty Them Inside You
And Let Them Fill Your Limbs Until The Flailing Finally Ends
I Drink Your Kiss, It Stings As It Goes Down
It's Bitter And The Temperature Sends Shivers Down My Spine
Now I'm Paralyzed And Conserving All My Energy
To Light The Sky For You

I'm Listening For Footsteps, They'll Never Come To My Door
Reasoning With Silence, You've Never Broken It Before
But I'll Still Light The Sky For You