Just Need The Air Testo

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Testo Just Need The Air

(feat. Wayne PZ & E. Marlin)

Yeah, tried all kinds of ways
Just need the air mayn, nigga grown now
Ery'body need a lil' space, sometime
Still love you though, fa sho

We done found many ways, to make it
So don't mistake it, this is a bond can't nobody break
I can't even fake it, baby girl I can't even take it
Me and you naked, talking to me while you take it
We in the matrix, plus we surrounded by hatred
They fake it and shake it, and really hope that we don't make it
Plus this is sacred, get it through the eyes of Christ
You changed my life, now I'm changing girl to wife
We sacrificed, for me you changed your life
And speechless nights, kinda opened my eyesight
And right is right, I don't wanna fuss or fight
And ruin your life, cause a nigga wasn't doing you right
And fair is fair, I feel like we need the air
And fixing your pair, and bring back what once was there
The love we share, ain't nothing else can compare
I can feel it in the air, that you'll still be there we'll make it

[Hook x2: Wayne PZ, E. Marlin]
I'm trying all kinds of ways, to make it
I feel like, we just need the air
Before this love, dissolves
Let's get this problem solved, cause there are two kids involved
We both, need some time apart
And time apart, will allow you follow your heart
And just because, I'm gone today
Doesn't mean I've gone astray, it doesn't mean I'm gonna play
We just, need some time away
In some kind of way, I feel we'll be ok
This relationship, was built on trust
Now we fight and fuss, and that's not even us
We didn't, even use to cuss
Was it love or lust, cause now we barely touch
I can count on you, in a clutch
You were my crutch, now everything is so hush-hush
Right now, it's about too much
So let's back up, and I'll just keep in touch we'll make it

[Hook x2]

It's not, that I didn't believe
Or that I wanted to leave, we both just needed to breathe
Maybe now, the pain will ease
And you won't grieve, and all the stress will be relieved
Maybe, this will clear all doubts
Show you what I'm really about, show you that you tripped out
Cause we, were destined to be
Like Jay and B, or Janet and Jermaine Dupri
I let you see, a whole 'nother side of me
A side of me, that other women tried to see
I guarantee, there'll never be another like me
A lover like me, good under the cover like me
So now you know, because of this I love you mo'
I miss you though, but baby it was time to go
Let's take it slow, take it from a Scorpio
Or it'll just be another love, T-K-O we'll make it

[Hook x4]