On Your Mark Testo

Testo On Your Mark

(feat. Grit Boyz)

If you on your marks, sound your sirens
Yeah, you know how we do, Big H.A.W.K
Grit, Game Face let's go

On your mark set, ready go
This is for them boys, that be getting do'
All my dogs, that know where them dollas at
Every playa everywhere, if you with me then holla back
On your mark set, ready go
This is for them girls, that be getting do'
All my broads, that know where them dollas at
Every lady everywhere, if you with me then holla back

[Poppy & (Scooby)]
They sick them boys (he said), at the sound of the gun
(start running get low), cause them Grit Boyz coming
(who's that) me Pop, P.T. and Scoo'young
(catch us coasting through your block, in a blue Yukon)
And we so Grit-tastic, (cock the shit massive)
(we them dirty bastards), making them hit chapters
That's why your chick's after us, (we keep heat on them boys)
And stay soaring (we keep heat on them boys), like A. Mourning
(most niggaz, gotta brag about that shine to sell)
We like Puff nigga, we don't need shine to sell
(get that) if you ain't after the do', (back-back back-back)
This for my folk (all across the world, that get stacks)


On your mark set, ready go
H.A.W.K. and them Girt Boyz, blowing up like C-4
Out here chasing the do', and spitting felony flow
Moving blocks of snow, like Johnny Depp on Blow
Fuck chasing the cat, we bout chasing a stack
Crack weed or stracks, if you want it then holla back
The truck is Cadillac, and I'm sitting on chrome
And I don't associate, if your money ain't long
Got halves quarters and zones, my pockets are full grown
Here on the block at ten, by eleven they gone
Got my game face on, and that's a motherfucking fact
And if you like this track, Pretty Todd did that


[Pretty Todd & (Unique)]
Now when you speak about Grit, (say cuz you need to think about hits)
We rock hard, like streets and bricks
And when you think about boys, (I'm a nigga that'll sleep with your bitch)
And when you stay (in the streets with the chips), it gets deeper than this
A lot of niggaz, try to eat with the clit
(and gossip, like they be in the mix), and that's bullshit
(if you ain't out there, collecting the do')
Say homes you'll get checked like a hoe, (that ain't bullshit)
(this for my peeps that's deep in the streets)
This for my peeps that eat from the streets
(this for my peeps that's keeping the heat), this for my peeps
(that follow the dolla) and never ever sleep in the streets, they on they mark


I know them Texas boys and girls been on they mark
What's up Louisiana, I see y'all boys and girls
Out there on y'all marks too, Mississippi, Alabama
Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina
South Carolina, Virginia, the whole Dirty South on they marks
What's up Midwest, Kansas City, y'all boys better stay
On y'all mark, you know how we do, Big H.A.W.K.
Game Face, Grit we taking over baby