Time Goes By Testo

Testo Time Goes By

And everyday I've got a chance to be a mess but your great love reminds, me how
I am supposed to act, when everything is faling apart again

I'm scared and a little confused
but all my thoughts they lead me back to you

And I'll hold on(inspite of all the storms)
and time goes by but You'll never let me go
and if I fall (and my hope is almost gone)
You'll give me strength to get up and go on

everything's so clear when you are near
everything's so bright when you shine
all the world won't ever compare to You

and anyway I'm going to be strong enough to live this life for You
and look for what I can do about things that break your heart I never gonna stop

And I'll hold on, I'll hold on you're my only hope
And I'll hold on, I'll hold on to You my Lord