West Coast Testo

Testo West Coast

Shelter and heat and doesn't seek much else
Featured in the sneak attack
Go to hell and back 'fore I repeat myself
Precision to double knot a junkie vein
From tying up hostages
My diet is lozenges and monkey brains
Agent of Hades wading through the red waters
Disillusioned and rueful and quadruple edged sword
Another clash, another classic down a massive drain
Gene Kelly dancing in the acid rain
Beneath the moon I penned the music for the village getting raided
Play while lickin' shots, I’m still in shock from ewing getting traded
While the Natives toast to better days, sippin' lemonade made from the water where I waded
Meanwhile I’ll be looking down till all the mushroom clouds have dissipated
After that I’m looking 'round frowning at the nightmare I’ve created
Seemingly random as a fallen leaf
Convincing vics to cut the shit and play some chicken is like pullin’ teeth
Beneath the willow tree, my back against the trunk
I quench my thirst for blood and think up everything I ever thunk
I lace my trainers where they run amok and never runner up
Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump
Word up
Sharpie for taggin’ up my new forcefield
Inside my beard I got a 3-course meal
Inside my pad I got a tube that gets 2000 different channels on demand beside the shelf I keep the pebble that I snatched from out your hand
I keep a Bounty paper towel to soak the blood from out my eye
I spit a watermelon seed and knock a drone from out the sky
So, when some nitwit tryna dim your light I be the stimuli
La la da da la da la da
I moved ahead from being on another level
Bout to brush up on the steps I use for dancing wit the devil
Bout to go and cop some alka seltzer tablets for the seagulls
Bout to sneak into a thousand different movies at the regal
All the while I win entire tournaments without no cornermen
As soon as that gets boring then I'm born again
I'm speaking for the people that just wanna light a match and watch it burn
Who always peek at hide and seek and hardly speak except for speaking out of turn
I'm tryna break a curse
Instead I only make it worse
I don't get flustered
Fuck it I’ma make it work
I'm dealing with bruises and concussion from celebrity discussion
And seen Atreyu get KO'ed by the nothin’
Tomorrow I'm drowning rubber duckies and smashing pumpkins and kickin’ puppies in public and then hopefully gettin’ lucky
I'm folks wit Moses, Jesus, and Moe and Larry and Curly
The freshest pair of kicks will one day be dirty
And currently recording the cure for the common courtesy
Each and every sentence is from serving a different sentence concurrently
Time that never soften
Another nail for the coffin
Imposters is accosted often and early
I was at it early on in the A.M
Catching some rain or catching some rays
Came up wit the cavemen
I's already rocking Ray-Bans in the playpen
Ego id superego
Wit the ah-men all day credo
Wit the bald head no chemo
Trapped where everybody dress the same like the end of 3 Amigos
But everybody know your name and that’s neato