The Day I Became a Public Spectacle Testo

Testo The Day I Became a Public Spectacle

Cataclysmic arguments of things we never meant to say so take back these words. we're always justifying actions for all the wrong reasons. things were so different before you. i'll ask again this one time for your final answer please make sure you understand. when did things become so difficult? i'm talking to myself again. lie awake beside you. replay these conversations over and over again. i hope you forgive me this time so...when time doesn't heal all wounds you just bandage it up (bandage it up) and forget these scars of just who you are in this midnight melody we'll string these words together. so just string him up string him up now. we'll have ourselves a hanging! the crowd gathers to watch me swing from this line of goodbye. back up (back up) and just give me air. i'm going to drop now. pretend to sleep so i can hold you. i'll never forget, forget tonight. pretend to sleep so i can hold you

(Thank to liamdeschain for these lyrics)