Witchhunt Testo

Testo Witchhunt

sought salvation in a TV set
unemployed full of regret
all you need is $19.95
and you can be as one with God, you can learn to feel alive
be saved by greed, it's human need, that's what's preached
you claim you're not asleep
the wolves dress like sheep
the sheep could not dream
say a prayer for us this witch-hunt's on
they carry crucifix and loaded gun
put one ear to the ground so you can hear them marching
they'll burn us at the stake if we're not watching
consider this my fellow patriot
exactly what is it you are so proud of?
proud to live like slaves, proud to be a fixed wage?
proud to dig your grave, proud to die today?
they started foaming at the mouth when they heard you believe
take caution when you wish, everything asked shall be received
their real motivation neatly sewn onto their sleeve
they've turned their jackets inside out