DMV Intro Testo

Testo DMV Intro

Yeah, Pablo Juan, nigga, real Hoodrich shit
Man, I ain't used to have shit, nigga, nothin', like literally
Had to goddamn go steal my food, like no money for lunch lines
Mom dukes ain't have it, it's all good though
Know what I'm sayin', it was all good
We used to sleep on dirty clothes, no cap
Like it wasn't even no bed, like
Nigga, goddamn
Like we just came up hard, tryna put shit down, you know what I'm sayin'?
Don't let this shit think like, just 'cause I look like this
Know what I'm sayin'?
Fuck ass nigga, I'm puttin' you down
I do this shit, nigga
No cap, nigga
All that rap cap shit, nigga, I really live like this, nigga
Fuck what you talkin' 'bout, y'all niggas
Like straight up, nigga, you gotta be in the streets to know about it
Don't talk shit on the low, you know what I'm sayin'? (Yeah)
Pussy ass niggas (Hah)
Pablo Juan, nigga
Blo the Movie, nigga
Fuck what these niggas talkin' about
(Zone 6 nigga, Pyrex whipper)
Fuck wrong with these niggas? Yeah (Pyrex)

You all know me but don't know where I came from (Ooh)
All I had was some dope and a gun (Dope and a gun)
Better run, you ain't got nothin' to bond (Run)
Catchin' fast shots, stop it soon as it come (Yeah)
Young nigga from the projects, I swear I had nothin' (Young nigga, ooh)
Had to go take my food if I wanted to eat lunch (Go steal)
From the bottom of the hill where they scared to come (Candler Road)
Run off in your house when the feds come (There they go)
Broke, I ain't got nowhere to go, gotta figure it out (Ooh)
No washer or dryer, your clothes getting wringed out (Wring 'em out)
All day sittin' in the hallway at Green Box (At Green Box)
Couldn't even afford the new drawers or socks (No socks)
Been a real trapper, police is my only opps (Real trapper)
Came up on Candler where niggas don't make it out (1'5)
I don't even go on no dates, you can't take me out (Can't take me out)
Rich nigga, I give 'em something to hate about (Give 'em somethin')
No cap, since twelve years old, had a bomb (No cap)
Had me a trap in the back of the flea market (In the back)
I went from shit to that Louis Vuitton (Louis V)
Ex-bitch mad 'cause she thought I wasn't the one (Big mad)
My street money fresh like new Air Force 1's (New)
Can't walk a mile in my double C's (I did)
Take an arm and a leg with the blue cheese (Arm and a leg)
I can do it with no hands, got loose leaf (No hands)
I could murk him or just kill him when I succeed (Bah, bah)
You can't kill me, I go in the ground as a seed (Can't kill me)
Damn, they wanna know how I proceed (Damn, how you do it?)
I was built for this shit like I'm Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves)
I was broke with no money, I had to take pleas (I was broke)
Go get the sack, I can't slip, I got cleats (Go get the sack)
Drugs in my blood make my heart beat (Dope)
Got bitches like chickens, they white meat, dark meat (Brr)
Got more Cartiers than friends (Cartiers)
I was broke and I prayed for a Benz (I was broke)
They was up and they ain't had nothin' to lend (Naw)
They did me dirty, I had to go cleanse (Me dirty)
Pablo Juan the one that's settin' the trends (I'm the one)
I seen a million dollars 'fore a million followers (Hah)
He was tryna go eat, he got full off the hollows (Boom, boom)
I live for the day, make sure I'm straight tomorrow (Hah)

Put these young niggas on, they try to take me out, you know what I'm sayin'?

Ooh, thought it was over, it ain't (Let's go)
I'm swappin' that lean for my blood by the pint (Lean, lean)
Bought my mama a house and a car, made her faint (Mama)
Got a half a million in the bank (Mama)
Every color money but the kitchen sink (Banana)
I gotta stop and thank God (Thank you, God)
Yeah, the re-up was two for five at the Econo Lodge (Let's go)
Even my opps gon' tell you I ain't a fraud (Tell you)
I was almost dead, got plugged in and got a charge (Plugged in)
Been had the bars and I ain't talkin' rap bars (Got the bars)
Smokin' in the car, they called up the drug dogs (Woo)
Lean might be red or the purple, don't drink Par (No Par)
Jumped off the porch, I ain't never had a day job (Jumped off the porch)
Seen some niggas lose they life playin' hard (I did)
Came from the bando to five-car garage (Bando)
I sold every drug and I put that on God (Huh?)
I'm savin' that money, I'm lettin' it rot (Save it up)
Ain't used to have nothin', now look what I got (I ain't used to have shit)
Can't put my trust in nothin' but this Glock (Nope)
Shit was hard, but I'm never gon' stop (Shit got hard)
At the bottom, stayed down 'til I got to the top (Stayed down)
You fake like a prop, ooh (Fake)
Had to go sleep on the floor with my nigga Scott (Carlos)
They left me in the ocean, I had to go figure out
Ain't never gon' fit in with you niggas, I'ma stand out
Follow the leader, I'm bringin' the bands out
They wanna see me locked up or layin' out

Won't go like that though, know what I'm sayin'?
Blo the Movie, nigga, keep watchin'