Mony Powr Rspt Shit Testo

Testo Mony Powr Rspt Shit

Hundred thousand worth of jewelery
Red diamonds to show it so you know they insured
They styled up in Designer galore
Used to be broke, but I found the cure
Everytime I pull up, I pour up a four
Bad bitches like their Louis galore
You trapping backwards, I just fast forward
Focus in the Ford and the Honda Accord
Everything you want, I got it and more
Back in Atlanta, they know me in every store (they know)
Red bottom walking down to the floor
I take that PJ to France, Bonjour
Freshest nigga, Fashion Week in New York
Having gas like the Shell by the shore
Doing shit nigga never did before
Money, plugs, and guns, I'm ready for war
Off-white whip like I got it from Virgil
Pussy so good, she make a nigga fertile
Cut the white girl like the O.J. murder
Platinum cookie roost, color purple
.38, still got this shell like a turtle
Cut like a migo, my bitch, she a Persian
King me, jump a nigga like a hurdle
Real nigga looking to cut a bird
I've been had Designer, I've been splurging
I'm baking the cookies in the honey bourbon

Burnt out the bitch, in this bitch doing circles
Big face, Tom Ford, Steve Urkel
I got rich when they said I wouldn't be shit
Street nigga, I would run on the cement
I see it, I want it, you know I go [?] shit
Beige stick with a brown clip
How 'bout I be on the bullshit
Free my niggas locked up, they some convicts
Hoodrich and I'll never switch
I fuck on that bitch, now she DrugRixh
Shawty with the plug, buddy the lick
I catch her and that belly gon' go on this shit
Designer Drugz, pour a four of this shit
I might stop trapping after a couple of bricks

Too many hundreds on me, I ain't flirting
Think that bitch told me she can't get a Birkin
Cooking the lean, the Xans, and the Perky
Colored top, wasn't acting real nerdy
This shit is so dirty
You can't hit it, you thirsty
Little nigga, which one is you working?
Off-white with the journey
Bad bitch don't do the twerking
I put the forty in her purse
We kept a dub off a birdie
OG James Worthy
Jewels dripping, make her thirsty
All I bet is for mercy
All my [?] know I'm working

We got more guns than an army
Foreign bitch look like Kehlani
I'm sipping on gin and no Bombay
When that shit get sticky [?]
Chopper bullets, it might knock off an arm
I'm another nigga with a firearm
You better be humble and listen to Moms
Been off the porch, ask Uncle Rob
I don't need no mask, they know that I rob
Everyone got guns in my entourage
Walk down the street, we don't shoot from afar
Heat this shit up in a rental car
Chanel slippers when I step in the car
Been slipped up, bet you see a star
Remember going to school in a stolen car