Southside 808mafia Freestyle Testo

Testo Southside 808mafia Freestyle

Know I'm sayin'
Southside nigga
Hoodrich nigga
1'5 nigga
Zone 6 nigga
Pablo, 1017
Money plugs and guns nigga
I'm sayin'
I'ma have to die with honor nigga before I live like a pussy nigga
I know you know what the fuck goin' on
Yeah, yeah yeah
You know what I'm sayin', ooh

Too much drip got 'em mopping
All four pockets stuffed like a Christmas stocking
He just a copy, he mockin' (copycat)
Go ask your bitch, she gon' tell you he poppin'
She a neat freak, she gon' give me that sloppy
I got a Spanish freak call me papi
I was in school, gettin' money the topic
Too many designers I can't decide it
She gettin' wet, I'ma get inside it
Brought the killers with me but they silent
Red bottom violet, don't make me violent
Bought a new whip and it come with no mileage
Bricks of the Miley, that Cyrus
I put that lean in my vein like a virus
I be so fresh they call me the pilot
These niggas flexin' know they ain't about it
I pull up in 911 like it's urgent
Never been a bitch, nigga I'm virgin
Bust the whole table down like I'm servin'
Pull up with the bricks in the suburban
Reserve cookies and the sherbert
My bitch crying 'cause I stay with the Gerber
Got real niggas and they ready to murder
Give you a shell, turtle turtle
Pull up on the south side and I'm swerving
Jump out, I dress like a funeral service
I catch your bitch like Julius Irving
Drankin' lean, make the Fanta real dirty
I make the plug pitch the cookie early
Ooh, I'm sick of these niggas I'm hurlin'
24 karat gold, this ain't sterling
Homicide Boys with me when I'm in Maryland
Two bitches with me, I'm swirlin'
I run this shit like the sheriff
What you want nigga, the boy or the girl?
Bales of the weed, I put it in the air
No sinnin' G, you better be there
Stay with the goons, you better beware
Saint Laurent, I got too many pairs
Rock Givenchy same color my [?]
F&N for truth or dare
I make her [?] like a eclair
Candler Road, I'm the East Atlanta mayor
Too much money, rubber bands need a spare
You the type of nigga fuck her and pay her
Cold hearted nigga dressed up in bear
Thick bitch shaped just like a pear
All in the bad bitch's lair
I don't even sleep but I still say my prayers
Nigga try me I'ma shoot off his hair
Valentino, freshest nigga of the year
Tryna be me but you ain't even near
New clothes, not even a smear
Call me Mike, I'ma bite of her ear
Call up a freak, I wanna fuck on the rear
Water drippin' like I shedded a tear
They keep askin' where I'm gettin' my gear
I got more money than all of my peers
Your whole life, prolly bought it this year
Every time I act like I can't hear
Lions on my Gucci, you just a deer
(Gucci with Lions, pussy nigga, yeah, yeah)